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West Rock Indoor Sports & Entertainment Complex is proud to offer its 5th summer of basketball programming. We have a very accomplished, seasoned and versatile staff. Overall, our program will allow your child to gain a better understanding of basketball, work on conditioning, and hone his or her existing skills. Campers will learn how to be mentally tough, physically fit, and ready for any challenge that comes their way.


This summer, we are holding several different weeks of camp. Each week, instructors will focus on various aspects of the game: skills training, game terminology, offensive and defensive strategies, strength and speed work, agility, and fitness. All campers will work, both in small groups and in game situations, so they can grow as athletes and team players. Each week of camp will be exciting and players will add depth to their game, grow more physically fit and gain confidence.
All instruction and drills will be age appropriate and campers will be grouped according to age
and ability.